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La precision de las pruebas de embarazo

Pregnancy test accuracy is usually expressed in terms of percentages. If a test states the accuracy level exceeds 99.9%, this means that the pregnancy tests will correctly yield a positive result 99.9% of the time when immersed in a sample containing 20 miu/ml or greater of hcg.

¿Como evitar el estres en el embarazo?

Holiday stress can take a toll on our body’s immune system and also baby’s. Here are 9 tips to help you alleviate holiday stress during pregnancy.

Termometro Basal para llevar un Registro de Fertilidad

How do you fertility chart with a bbt thermometer Tips, tricks, and info on bbt

Moco Cervical Fertil – cuando debo esperarlo en el ciclo –

Learn to identify and chart cervical fluids – or egg-white cervical mucus EWCM